Border Collies

Is your Border Collie Fearful?

Much of the modern world is frightening to your Border Collie dog, but you can help your dog overcome its fears. There is no rhyme or reason as to why dogs are frightened by anything, and there are things you can do and should not do when your dog is scared....

How to Help your Dog Overcome its Fear

When your Border Collie displays fearful behaviour, act the way you want your dog to act. For example, of you want your dog to be relaxed and happy then act that way. The worst thing you can do is to comfort your dog, pat or cuddle it, and tell it that it is okay. You are reinforcing the fear and the behaviour so your dog thinks it is alright to be fearful.

Instead of reinforcing the behaviour, use a distraction such as a game of ball or fetch to create a positive experience to replace the fear.

What frightens your Border Collie dog?

How to Help your Dog through its Fear of Storms

Storms are frightening because of the loud sounds of thunder, the crashing flashes of lightening, and rain pelting on the roof. If you think a storm is loud, then your dog will find it even louder.

You can help your dog by putting it into its crate for comfort if it is a place it loves. Turn on the television or radio on to distract your dog from the sounds of the storm. Even try distracting your dog by playing a game with it or use the time as a training session to give your dog something else to focus on.

If these methods do not help during a storm, talk to your vet for further help.

Is your Border Collie scared of People?

If your Border Collie sees people as a threat, it could be from a lack of socialisation when it was younger, it may be predisposed to timidity, or may have had a negative experience at some stage in its life with a person.

You can help your dog by telling people not to approach your dog, talk to it, or look at it. Tell people to let your dog come up to them when they are ready. Have a treat on hand to give to new people so when your dog does go up to people they can give it a treat. This way your Border Collie learns that meeting new people is positive experience.

Never, ever, ever, force your dog to interact with people if it is scared. This can lead to dangerous situations and will serve to make your Border Collie even more fearful. This is a slow process and your patience is paramount for your dog to gain confidence.

If you have trouble with this, seek the advice of your vet, a good dog trainer, or your local dog obedience club.

Keep in mind that your attitude will automatically transfer to your dog, and your dog will take on your demeanour. If you are nervous and worried every time you meet someone new with your dog then that is exactly what your dog will be.

Taking your Border Collie to dog obedience training is an excellent way to help it become more familiar with new people and dogs.