Responsibly Breeding Border Collies

Being a responsible Border Collie breeder and owner means a responsibility to our Border Collies, all of the Border Collies we breed, our Border Collie owners, to our breed and to ourselves.
Our border collies are all eye tested. Care must be taken to breed with lines clear of CEA and CL.

Breeder Devotion
Its about devoting time and money that sometimes can’t be spared in order to do what is best for their Border Collies.

Improving on a breed is breeding for temperament and conformation.
Research into health problems for the breed and testing their Border Collies for these problems.

Studying genetics, pedigrees allows to effectively plan before allowing a mating to occur.
A litter is the results of careful breeding and rearing. Looking into the bloodlines.

The loss of bloodlines is a serious issue.

The importance of researching genetic lines to ensure you are not breeding "in" a genetic fault, a reputable breeder will be open about what is behind their bloodlines and what they are trying to avoid, trying to breed out and what they are trying to improve in the breed.

Quality Homes
Sometimes we keep pups as long as we need to until that perfect home comes along.

We want to be sure that a Border Collie puppy receives a quality homes for pups. Potential homes may endure a lengthy wait for the newest member of your family.

To protect the pups, the buyer and the breeder, a responsible breeder will have a purchase contract.
This will outline what is expected of the breeder and the buyer but is primarily designed to protect the Border Collie puppy.
Pups are sold tested for inherited disease where feasible, vaccinated with their first lot of vaccinations and microchiped.
The contract may cover the breeders guarantee, what care they expect the Border Collie puppy to receive, a spay/neuter agreement and that the puppy/Border Collie is returned to the breeder should the purchaser no longer be able to care for the Border Collie, throughout the Border Collies entire life.

They will also help you place the Border Collie.It is very important that you maintain contact with the breeder of your Border Collie puppy.

If you have questions or concerns about your Border Collie puppy (behavior, physical development, etc) at any time after your purchase, call your breeder immediately.

Don't be afraid to ask for help! It could save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

New Home Placement
In the event that you cannot keep it as you had planned, call your breeder immediately.
The responsible breeder is there for the life of the Border Collie puppy to assist and if necessary, to take the Border Collie back if the owners cannot keep it, they maybe able to help you place the Border Collie.

Long Term Commitment
Remember, by purchasing a Border Collie puppy, you are committing to its care for the rest of its life.
In the case of a Border Collie its a 12 to 14 year commitment.
Consider carefully your decision to get a Border Collie puppy and do not get one on impulse.

To breed or not to breed, that is the question.

Border Collies As Gifts
For ANY special occasion a Border Collie should never be given as a gift .