Border Collie Dogs are Intelligent

Border Collie are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog. So how do you know how intelligent your Border Collie is?

There are several ways to measure your Border Collie’s intelligence including how quickly your Border Collie learns new commands, can find its way though obstacles, solve problems, or even just how quickly it recognises people and other things in its life.

Just because you have an intelligent Border Collie, does not mean it will be easy to train. Just because they are smart, your Border Collie may decide to do anything other than what you ask even if they understand what you want....

Signs of Border Collie Intelligence

The most important thing you want from your Border Collie is that it be a great companion and that you are the centre of its universe.

Basic training is really a form of conditioning where you train your Border Collie to react in a certain way when you give it a certain command. It is a matter of consistency and persistence to have your Border Collie react in the way that you want, when you want.

Some signs of intelligence in your Border Collie are easy to see. For example, if your Border Collie puppy’s ball rolls out of reach what does it do? Walk away and give up? Bark at you to get it (some will). No. It will work out a way to get that ball back. It is fascinating to watch your Border Collie solving these sorts of problems.

Here is something you can do to test your Border Collie’s intelligence. When you buy a new toy, put it on the floor and cover it up after showing the toy to your Border Collie. An intelligent Border Collie will be quick to investigate and look for its toy under the cover.

Watch how your Border Collie puppy greets people it has met on other occasions. When it greets people in a friendly, accepting way you know it has a good memory. As it grows more confident, it will become comfortable with familiar visitors very quickly.

Intelligence takes Practice

No matter how intelligent you think your Border Collie is, it takes practice and consistency for it to fully develop. The more time you spend with your Border Collie training, working, and playing, the more intelligent your Border Collie becomes as it understands what makes you happy. And it is the mission of any good dog, Border Collie or not, to make its pack leader, you, happy.

Really, how intelligent do you want your Border Collie to be? Most of us are happy to settle for a well-balanced family member that understands the rules, is fun and loving, and does not cause havoc everywhere it goes. You do not need a Border Collie that can do all sorts of tricks; it is not really why we get a Border Collie.

If you are looking for a Border Collie for dog sport competition, most Border Collies have the intelligence to learn what is required in any sport or discipline. The question is, do you have the ability to train it?