Border Collie Statue


The images of the Border Collie state clearly depict the beauty, vastness and ruggedness of the terrain that the shepherds and their border Collies had to contend with on a daily basis.

The Border Collie made it possible in the 1800's for the land holders and shepherds to farm the mountainous vastness of Mackenzie Country which covers some 2000 square miles (almost 518,000 hectares) in total.

The Border Collie has made this possible not only in New Zealand but the world over.

In recognition of the Border Collies role a Border Collie statue was erected in 1968 which is located near to the Church of Good Sheperd on the shores of Lake Tekapo on the South Island of New Zealand.

The Border Collie stature was made by sculptress Innis Elliott who was in attendance at the official unveiling.

The Border Collie monuments base is made out of rocks and stones from the Jollie River with the Border Collie statue itself being mounted on a huge boulder.

Before the official unveiling by Sir Arthur, Mr Murray read to the 300 present the following Gaelic line that is found at the bottom of the bronze plaque: "Beannachdan air na cu caorach" meaning “Blessings on the sheep dog”.

The inscription on the Border Collie monument's plaque reads: “This monument was erected by the runholders of the Mackenzie County and those who also appreciate the value of the collie dog, without the help of which the grazing of the mountain country would be impossible. Unveiled on March 7, 1968, by Sir Arthur Espie Porritt, BT, GCMG, KCVO, CBE, Governor-General of New Zealand. ``Beannachdan air na cu caorach.''

The Border Collie statue is one of the must see places to visit when in New Zealand.

May we all continue to be a blessing to the Border Collie breed by continuing to work towards the betterment of the Border Collie breed as a working dog.


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The Border Collie monumnet location: Pioneer drive, Lake Tekapo, Canterbury, 7999, New Zealand