CL Gene Discovered

Thursday - 9th September 2004
The complete copy of the email recieved by us which was sent out by the Border Collie Club of NSW to its members.

CL News Update:
Dear Member

The secretaries of all the Border Collie clubs of Australia have just been advised by Scott Melville & Alan Wilton of this historic news,,, and as secretary of the NSWBCC I am now passing this onto you as a member of the NSWBCC... please feel free to pass this onto other club members you may know,,,,,,,,,,,

If we could do it, there would be a huge drum roll and trumpet fanfare, so just pause for a minute and imagine it ..............

We are just thrilled to pass one some fantastic, wonderful, incredible great news:

Have you guessed it yet????

Scott Melville and Alan Wilton have done it!!!!!!

They have found the CL gene!!!!!

If you like a tipple or two, please go and fill a glass and raise it to them - their dedication has been extraordinary.

They cannot give any more details until scientific protocols re publishing have been fulfilled.

Now they have to develop a test which is both time and cost efficient. The test should be available early next year.

We must stress that still is a lot of work on testing procedures and protocols.
So please do not send samples or ask for tests on already collected DNA. We want them to be able to focus on developing the test, not on receiving phone calls or samples. Any samples will not be accepted at this stage.

We are privileged to be able to pass this onto you on their behalf, and so glad to give credit where it is so richly deserved.

Also, as the Australian Clubs have been so supportive of this research, we want to ensure that their members are the first to hear the news. Then we will advise the wider BC community via BC lists etc.

Please address any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best wishes, from an ecstatic
Border Collie Club of NSW