Brass Statue of Flora MacDonald and Border Collie

Flora MacDonald and Border Collie Brass Statue

The brass statue of Flora MacDonald and Border Colliewas designed by Andrew Davidson and erected in 1896.

At the age of 24 Flora MacDonalds Bonnie Prince Charlie sought her assistance to help escape capture after the Battle of Culloden after some hesitation, Flora promised to help the prince escape the island. The prince was disguised as Betty Burke the party landed at Kilbride, Skye. Later the talk of the boatmen brought suspicion on Flora MacDonald and she was arrested and brought to London for aiding the prince's escape.

When the Act of Indemnity was passed in 1747 she was released. Her bravery and loyalty had gained her general sympathy, increased by her good manners and gentle character. Those that knew her described her as "a woman of soft features, gentle manners, kind soul and elegant presence."

Flora MacDonald Satue Plaque Inscription:

Fhad’s A Dh’fhasas
Flur Air Machair
Mairidh Cliu Ma
H-ainnir Chaoimh.
“the Preserver Of Prince Charles
Edward Stuart Will Be Mentioned
In History. And If Courage And
Fidelity Be Virtues, Mentioned
With Honour”

Flora MacDonald and Border Collie Brass Statue

If you want to visit the Flora MacDonald and Border Collie Brass Statue the address is:

Inverness Castle courtyard off View Pl
Inverness, IV2 3DU
Where the map marker is located

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