Genetic Technologies Grants Exclusive Rights to Optigen’s Genetic Tests for Dogs 2006

Genetic Technologies Grants Exclusive Rights to Optigen’s Genetic Tests for Dogs 2006

15 March 2006

The following is an announcement made to the Stock Exchange today:

ASX ANNOUNCEMENT March 15th, 2006 [
GTG Grants Non-coding License to Optigen and Secures Exclusive Rights to Optigen’s Leading Range of Genetic Tests for Dogs in the Asia-Pacific Region
Genetic Technologies Limited (ASX: GTG; NASDAQ: GENE) is pleased to announce it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Optigen LLC, a leading genetic testing company in USA, specialising in the development of new genetic tests for inherited diseases in dogs. Under the agreement, GTG will grant Optigen a non-exclusive license to the GTG non-coding patents for applications in dogs, and Optigen will grant GTG the exclusive right to offer and perform the complete range of Optigen genetic tests for diseases in dogs in the Asia-Pacific region.

The addition of the Optigen tests substantially expands the already extensive range of genetic tests which GTG can now offer the canine industry. GTG has already developed the most extensive canine database in Australasia, and is already the exclusive provider of parentage testing for the stud book maintained by Greyhounds Australasia. GTG anticipates that bringing the Optigen tests to Australia will in turn build demand for canine parentage testing, where GTG is already the market leader. This agreement, together with other recent announcements by GTG clearly consolidates GTG’s position as the leading genetic testing lab for dogs in Australia. The license granted by GTG to Optigen will provide Optigen with access to GTG’s non-coding technology, covering all relevant genetic tests and research activities conducted by Optigen, in dogs.

This is also the first license granted by GTG following settlement of the Applera law suit in December 2005. Many additional licenses are now being negotiated by GTG and its team of licensing firms. Further details will be announced as appropriate.

Optigen is a US company based in upstate New York which specialises in genetic diagnostics and information about inherited diseases in purebred dogs. Optigen holds exclusive licenses to several technologies from the Cornell Research Foundation, Inc. Optigen’s tests are regarded as the industry standard for numerous canine diseases.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Mr. Geoffrey Newing Group General Manager - Business Development Genetic Technologies Limited (ABN 17 009 212 328) Phone: +61 3 9415 1135

In other words, all canine DNA tests previously available through Optigen will now be available through
Genetic Science Services
PO BOX 115 Fitzroy VIC 3065