How to Manage your Border Collie’s Disgusting Habits

Border Collies have natural instincts that are very different to ours, and do a lot of things we find disgusting. How often does your Border Collie coming bowling up to you full of excitement at its new smell, and it absolutely stinks? These types of behaviour will not hurt the Border Collie, it is just that we do not like it or the behaviour is annoying....

Does your Border Collie have any of the following disgusting habits?

While you may find these things upsetting and inconvenient, they will not harm your Border Collie. While they may be normal, if your Border Collie is an indoor dog it will make it unpleasant having it around. Here are some tips to help you manage your Border Collie’s disgusting habits:

Tips for Managing Disgusting Habits

If you are really overly worried about your Border Collie’s disgusting habits, here are some things to keep in mind:

Do not punish your Border Collie for enjoying the simple things, and smells, in life. Your Border Collie will think you are punishing it for having a good time, and not understand what you are trying to communicate.