Is an Invisible Fence Cruel to Your Border Collie?

For centuries now, human beings have trained animals for various purposes. The methods have evolved and somewhat changed over the times. Technology, of course, has played a huge role in this.
One new method that is being advertised and used today is the invisible fence.

This method of dog training is gaining more popularity with each passing day. The pros and cons of using invisible fences are actively being debated everywhere. Reputable pet magazines have written articles on this topic and Border Collie owners everywhere are debating whether this method of training is cruel to their animals. The method is certainly debatable as some pet owners and experts sing its praises whereas others say that using an invisible fence is cruel to the animal.

An invisible fence acts as a barrier, keeping the animal inside a specific area. An invisible fence does not stop dogs from invading your dogs territory or your yard.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using an invisible fence:


All Border Collie owners want to keep their animals safe and away from harm.
This is the biggest reason people use an invisible fence as 98% people say it keeps their animal safe and secure.
The invisible fence, therefore, are great for that providing protection.

Prevent theft:

For a Border Collie owner, having their Border Collie stolen is a huge loss.
Invisible fence can help in this regard as it prevents your Border Collie from straying and someone taking it if it wanders. All over the world, theft of everything from inanimate objects to Border Collies is on the rise.
It can only be a good thing to be extra careful. The invisible fence is very effective for safety of your animal and to prevent theft.

These are the two main reasons invisible fences being promoted today.
Still, some animal rights groups and pet experts think that the method is cruel to the animal and should not be used.
At the end of the day where it continues to be legal to use an invisible fence, only you as the owner can be the judge of this.

For us were no existing fencing exists, we have installed a physical dog proof fence. Where we have found wandering dogs popping in our yard or wanting to visit our dogs an issue, once the fence was up it became no longer an issue.