Keeping your Border Collies Teeth Clean

I was talking to my friend on MSN and she said that she'd be right back after she as she had to brush her dogs teeth.

by Livy

After she returned I asked her about what she had done to clean her dogs teeth.

All I could picture was a dog frothing at the mouth as someone brushed their teeth which made me laugh.

I found out that she used a special dogs toothpaste to clean her dogs teeth and the process took about 10 minutes.

Rinsing out was a problem. Their dog didn't seem to mind the taste.

The whole process I found was quite funny as I had never seen mum or dad clean our dogs teeth.

Why would you spend that much time brushing your dogs teeth when the dogs can do it themselves?

This was not a chore I'd really want to volunteer for either.

All I knew is that mum always referred to our Border Collies as having good clean teeth.

I told my friend that all we did was feed our dogs fresh lamb bones and chicken carcasses.

How it had a two fold effect by keeping our dogs teeth clean and at the same time it gave them a good meal of fresh raw meat.

I also told my friend that we never gave our dogs cooked bones as they can splinter and is quite dangerous for any dog.

After hearing this she said "I have a small dog and I do not think it could eat a whole chicken carcass"

I said "No dog is too small to eat a whole chicken carcass.

You see that's how most small dogs end up with really bad or rotten teeth it is because people underestimate them on how much they can eat."

Years ago our little pug could eat the same as the border collies even though it would take him all day.

Judges would comment on how good his teeth were.