Natural Anti-inflammatory Remedies for Dogs

In a day and age where we are all concerned with our health and wellbeing, alternative medicines are used more and more. And it is not just us getting into using natural therapies and medications. Can one translate the use of natural anti-inflammatory remedies not only for ourselves but also for use on our Border Collies to relieve their pain...?

Here are some herbal remedies you may consider to relieve your Border Collie’s pain.

Arnica is well known for its pain relieving properties for muscles pain, sprains, strains and blunt trauma injuries that cause bruising.
Cayenne is natural pain blocker and increases circulation. It also triggers the body’s mediators wherever the cream is applied to the skin.
Cayenne is a popular choice for reducing arthritic pain and is used as a cream or an ointment.
Daisies are similar to arnica and treat bruises and internal organ pain. Daisies are also used to relieve pain after a surgical procedure.
Feverfew is commonly used as a pain reliever and is an anti-inflammatory used by arthritis and migraine sufferers. Feverfew is also used an alternative to aspirin for cats as aspirin is toxic to cats.
Use feverfew as a tea or tincture. To relieve pain, use 12 drops of tincture or ½ teaspoon of tea to every 9 kg of body twice a day.
Ginger has natural antispasmodic properties and is an excellent natural pain relief for lower back and stomach pain. Make ginger into a poultice and use externally on muscle strains and pains.
Liquorice is an anti-inflammatory and is commonly used as it does not compromise the dog’s immune system.
Use an oil infusion of liquorice externally to reduce joint swelling from arthritis.
Marigold is effective in stimulating healing of lacerations and wounds while also relieving pain. It is very good when used on muscular injuries.
Skullcap is an herbal pain reliever for nerve-related diseases or injuries, and is especially effective when combined with St John’s Wort.
For every 9 kg of your dog’s body weight, use 12 drops of St John’s Wort combined with 12 drops of skullcap three times a day.
St John’s Wort
St John’s Wort relieves muscular joint or nerve pain where the nerving ending were crushed or bruised.
Externally, use as an oil infusion, tincture or cream applied to the painful areas.
Internally, take a herbal tincture combined with skullcap (see skullcap).
Turmeric anti-inflammatory properties are said to equal the effect of cortisone.
It is used to treat arthritis and is safe to feed to your dog.
Just sprinkle dome dried turmeric on their food as a supplement.

When it comes to how much and how often it is always important to consult and work with your local vet.

Essential Oils to Use on your Border Collie

You can also use essential oils such as peppermint, rosemary, cinnamon, lavender and ginger as pain relief for your Border Collie. Just put 10 to 12 drops of one of these oils in to an ounce of sweet almond or sweet olive oil.

Shake to combine well and massage the oil into your Border Collie’s painful joint to relive the arthritic inflammation and pain.

If you want to use herbal remedies to help your Border Collie’s pain, then there are a lot to choose from but make sure you choose the right herbal remedy for the right problem.

Also, make sure to take your Border Collie to the vet for a professional diagnosis and work with your vet when using alternative therapies.