Schedules For Your Border Collie

It is important that your Border Collie has a schedule. Border Collies are creatures of habit and happiest when their lives are scheduled. This helps them understand what you want from them and gives them a sense of security.

Schedules also makes it easier for you to fit everything you need to into your busy life, and also helps to keep your Border Collie under control and easier to train. Everything is easier with your Border Collie if you have a schedule....

Schedule Feeding Times

Schedule you Border Collie’s feeding times once or twice a day; even more often when your Border Collie is a puppy. Always make sure there is always fresh water available. If your Border Collie does not finish its meal take it away after 15 minutes.

Knowing when your Border Collie eats and drinks makes house training easier as you know exactly when it is likely to need to go outside.

Scheduling House Training for an Adult Border Collie

Think ahead when house training your new adult Border Collie. Let your Border Collie outside at regular intervals so it has the chance to go to the toilet, and prevent accidents in the house.

Always go outside with your Border Collie and take to a spot in the yard you want it to use. And, when your Border Collie does go to the toilet, praise it for doing the right thing.

The more often you do this the quicker your Border Collie will understand that outside is the right place to eliminate themselves.

Scheduling House Training for your Border Collie Puppy

Border Collie puppies need to go to the toilet a lot more often than an adult Border Collie. Take your Border Collie outside every few hours during the day; after it eats, and after a play session.

By the time your Border Collie puppy is 4 months old you can reduce the amount of times you take Border Collie puppy out. By now your Border collie should already be asking to go out when it needs to go to the toilet.

As your Border Collie gets older, you may have to start scheduling toilet breaks again as your Border Collie may need to go to the toilet more often as it starts to lose control of its functions.

Schedule your Border Collie’s Playtime and Exercise

Your Border Collie needs exercise every single day. It is an energetic, excitable breed of dog that needs to be kept occupied because, if they are left to their own devices for too long, they will soon find an outlet for that energy. And, you probably will not like it if they dig up your garden or chew your garden furniture to pieces.

Scheduling your Border Collie’s exercise is an important part of its day and rewards it for its good behavior while you have been out. A 20 minute walk each day will keep your Border Collie in top condition and you can get fit together.

Spend some time every day playing with your Border Collie, whether it is with a squeaky toy or a ball, it is invaluable as it keeps your Border Collie’s mind alert and it is good training for the future.