Socializing Your Border Collie

You need to begin socializing your Border Collie the minute it comes home. If you have decided to make a Border Collie a part of your family, the first 6 months of its life are the defining moments. You are responsible for how it sees the world for most of the rest of its life.

You need to socialise your Border Collie puppy to make sure it is happy, well-adjusted, and gets along with all animals and humans without too much fuss....

To socialise your Border Collie puppy you need to spend a lot of time with it providing positive interactions with all it discovers. You also need to spend a lot of time giving your Border Collie puppy love and affection. Start calling your Border Collie puppy by its new name straight away so it gets used to it.

Take your Border Collie puppy around the neighbourhood to introduce it to your neighbours so they know you have a new puppy and that your Border Collie puppy gets to know who the neighbours are. Introduce Border Collie puppy to the postman and other regular service people so your Border Collie puppy does not grow up chasing them off your property.

Make sure you show children how to pat your Border Collie puppy gently. Children can scare Border Collie puppies with their loud, boisterous approach.

Socialise your Border Collie with dogs in the neighbourhood and with friends dogs. Make sure it is a safe environment and your Border Collie puppy has its full vaccinations before letting it interact with strange dogs. Always make sure the dogs you socialise your Border Collie puppy with are fully vaccinated to keep your Border Collie puppy safe.

Tips for Socialising your Border Collie Puppy

Make sure your Border Collie puppy’s experiences are positive as you want your Border Collie to grow up curious and full of the joy of life, not as a Border Collie afraid of the world. Here are some things you can do to help your Border Collie puppy learn to have trust in the world:

Always remember not to force your Border Collie puppy into situations. Socialising is about providing pleasant experiences when your Border Collie meets new people, goes new places, and meets others of its own kind. Here are a few things to keep in mind when socialising your Border Collie puppy:

What your Border Collie puppy learns as a puppy it will remember for a lifetime.