Temporary Mesh Panels for Dog Kennels

temporary mesh fencing for dog kennels

Everyone is asking about where we got our temporary mesh panels so that they can have their own sheep night pen or that they want to use the temporary fence panels for a temporary dog kennel.

The budget mesh panels are quite light plus the girls can easily handle the panels on their own. The mobile temporary fence panels are quite adequate for sheep and dogs, if you're looking for something a little more robust the try the Premium Mesh Panels

Please call them to confirm the price, as the price on their website seems to be for a container load, hence the term "prices from".

We shortened the legs to 80mm so to limit access to anything wanting to go under the panel. As per the image above we chose not to use the feet as that would raise up the panels so that anything could crawl under. Also they also sell heavy duty gal clamps from $2 + GST. There is a choice between 80mm and 100mm, we got the 80mm ones so we could limit the distance between panels. We used a cordless drill with a socket attached to assemble the clamps to the panels.

Budget Mesh Panels from $35 + GST

2.4m x 2.1m

32OD galvanized pipe, 100 grams gal

1.4mm wall thickness

3 mm wire

Anti-climb weldmesh

Premium Mesh Panels from $45 + GST

2.4m x 2.1m

32OD galvanized pipe, 300 grams. hot dipped galvanized

2mm wall thickness

4mm wire

Anti-climb weldmesh

Pickup is at Wacol or they can deliver

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