Tips for Dealing with Whining Border Collies

Have you ever wondered why your border collie whines? It whines at night, while you eat, from inside and outside at the door. How often to do you understand what your border collie is telling you? Do you wish your border collie did not whine so often?

Well, there is something you can do to stop that Border Collie whining. First you need to understand why Border Collies whine...

Why your Border Collie Whines

How often do you find yourself saying, “It’s okay”, to your border collie when it whines? A lot, I’ll bet. Comforting your border collie when it whines is rewarding the behaviour, and a whining Border Collie is a dog that is demanding something. When you reward the behaviour you have taught it that whining works.

A whining border collie can mean a lot of things, such as:

It is usually easy to work out what you Border Collie wants, and every time you give into your border collie’s demands the more your border collie will whine.

How to deal with your Border Collie’s Whining

You need to teach your border collie when its whining is acceptable, for example, when it wants to go outside to relieve itself. Most other times are unacceptable. As soon as your Border Collie understands when it is alright to whine, it will not whine as often. Keeping behaviour in context is important.

Here are some tips to help you:

Whatever you do, do not give in. Every time your border collie gets what it wants you teach it that whining works. It is very much like a child that whines for something.

The parent that stays strong has a child who does not whine much, but a parent that gives in, even occasionally, will have a child that knows it can manipulate its parents with constant whining. The same with your Border Collie.