Tips for Selecting a Border Collie Breeder

Looking for a Border Collie breeder is difficult, especially if you are inexperienced. There are a lot of Border Collie breeders, some good, some not so good and many registered with their breed clubs.

You need to start looking for a Border Collie breeder armed with information and research....

How to Choose a Border Collie Breeder

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a Border Collie breeder:

Check if the border collies are part of the family and the puppies brought up in the house rather than living outside in kennel runs.
Are the border collies happy and healthy? Are they excited and friendly when meeting new people.
Does the breeder happily show you where the border collies spend their time? Is the area clean and well maintained?
Can the breeder talk to you knowledgeably about the Border Collie breed standard?
Offers for you to spend time with the puppies’ mother and the father if he is there.
Can talk to you about the medical history of the parents and the puppies, and readily shows you records of health tests and documents to support what they say.
Feeds a good, nutritious diet.
Does not breed one litter after another after another. A good breeder usually has a long waiting list for their puppies as they take care of their Border Collies and do not over breed them.
Is willing to give you the names of puppy buyers as references.
Will be there for advice; help with training and assistance after you take your Border Collie home.
Competes in dog sports such as working dog trials, herding trials and or obedience trials.
Are members of the local or national breed club.
Encourages you to visit the puppies on a number of occasions to get to know your Border Collie puppy before you take it home.
Provides a written health guarantee and seller’s contract well in advance of taking puppy home.

"Do not buy a Border Collie because of it's colour, temperament is more important than coat color."

What a Border Collie Breeder Expects from You

A good border collie breeder will want you to:

Explain what you want in a border collie and why.
Know who will take daily responsibility for the puppy? Who will take your Border Collie puppy to obedience training? Where puppy will spend most of its time? How many hours a day will puppy be left alone? Who will puppy spend most of its time with? What house rules do you have for your puppy?
Provide a reference from your vet if you have other animals. If you do not already have animals, the breeder will ask what plans you have for your puppy.
If you are renting you will need to provide proof you can have a border collie.
Sign a contract about desexing your border collie if you bought your Border Collie as a pet.
Sign a contract that obligates you to return the border collie if you ever need to rehome it.

Armed with these tips, contact your local Border Collie breed club to get the names of breeders registered with them.