Bathing your Border Collie Puppy

You Border Collie puppy will benefit from regular baths and help to keep the coat nice and healthy. We love our canine friends to be clean as they share our homes, our beds and we love to cuddle up to our Border Collies.

Make bathing your Border Collie puppy part of the regular grooming routine....

Before Bathing your Border Collie puppy

Always gently brush your Border Collie puppy before its bath. Throughout its life, your Border Collie sheds dead hair and loses it altogether as it comes into summer. If you do not remove the dead hair and tangles before puppy’s bath, it can cause sores, matting and leave the skin in poor condition.

Make sure you bath your Border Collie early in the day so that it has plenty of time to dry before nightfall.

Get everything Ready

If you are using your bathroom as you Border Collie puppy’s washing area, make sure you put a nonslip mat into the bath and another one on the floor, or use a towel. The last thing you want is your Border Collie puppy sliding around the bathroom. It may get hurt and scare your pup, which will make bath time all the more difficult the next time.

Before bathing your Border Collie pup, get everything you need together so it is in easy reach.

What you need at Bath Time

Never use shampoo made for humans. You need a good quality Border Collie shampoo suitable for your Border Collie’s skin. If your Border Collie has allergies, use a non-allergenic shampoo so it is gentle on the skin.

You can use a good human hair conditioner on the feathers on your Border Collie’s back legs, but do not use it on the rest of your Border Collie.

Other things you need include:
a shower attachment for the bath tap to make washing simple
a small bucket for washing the legs
a chamois for drying
clean towels
a hairdryer

Border Collie Bath Time

Once everything is ready, put some shampoo into the bucket and fill it with warm water. Make sure the nonslip mats are in place inside and outside of the bath. Have some treats ready to reward your Border Collie when you have finished the bath.

Put your Border Collie puppy into the bath. The first few times you do this introduce your Border Collie to the water by letting it sniff it and check the area out.

Turn on the showerhead and introduce it to your Border Collie puppy. Again, let Border Collie puppy sniff it and let the water run gently down its legs until it gets used to it. Put the showerhead into the bucket to foam up the shampoo. Use the bucket to soak your Border Collie puppy all over and gently work the shampoo through your Border Collie’s coat.

Gently put one of Border Collie puppy’s front feet into the bucket and wash its foot and leg. Repeat this process for all the four legs.

Next put the bucket behind Border Collie puppy’s tail and submerge the whole tail into it and gently squeeze the water through the hair on the tail so it is soaked.

Take some more shampoo and rub it onto all parts of your Border Collie except the head. Rub it into a nice lather and rinse off thoroughly. Make sure the water runs clear and get all the shampoo as residue can cause skin irritation.

Add conditioner to our Border Collie puppy’s leg feathers and tail. While the conditioner is working, lather shampoo into the neck area and head. When rinsing your Border Collie’s head off, hold its head upwards so the water does not run into its ears, eyes or nose.

Once you have finished allow your Border Collie puppy to have a good shake and thoroughly dry it all over with the chamois.

If you find your Border Collie is resisting the process of being bathed then be firm.

Overall you want this to be a good experience for your Border Collie puppy.

So praise your Border Collie puppy all through its bath and give it a treat when it is all over.

If you make this a weekly event your Border Collie will get used to it all and being pampered, your Border Collie puppy will just about fall asleep in the process of being bathed, groomed and clipped as time goes on.

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