Border Collie Puppy Feeding Do's and Dont's

In the wild, dog’s killed their food, and lived on a diet of fresh meat, organs and stomach contents. Today this is obviously not practical so you have a few options for feeding your Border Collie puppy.

The first thing is to always follow the feeding regime recommended by your breeder when you first bring your new Border Collie puppy home. It is important to keep feeding puppy the same way or you will upset puppy’s tummy. As puppy gets older start introducing new foods into its diet gradually so their system gets used to it....

Puppy Feeding Needs

How you feed your Border Collie puppy will affect the rest of its life.

During at least the first year of its life, a puppy develops very quickly, their:

When you consider that a human takes 14 years to achieve the same level of development, a Border Collie fully develops in one or two years.

Your puppy needs the following to support its development:

What you should Feed your Border Collie?

There are many food options on the market including:

The way you feed your Border Collie is up to you but you obviously want to feed the best possible food to your best friend as cost-effectively as possible.

We provide our Border Collies with a combination of raw, dry food and packaged rolls, depending on what our budget can afford.

Depending on your budget you can buy the best quality food on the supermarket or another option to consider is a reasonable quality dry food with supplements added onto  their food once or twice a week.

Simple Feeding Do’s and Dont's

Here are some simple tips for healthy feeding:

Remember, you are your Border Collie’s universe and they rely on you for everything.

Feeding your puppy a well-balanced, nutritional diet will avoid a lot of health problems and costly visits to your vet.

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