Grooming your Border Collie Puppy

Regular brushing of your Border Collie puppy should be part of your daily routine to keep its coat and skin in a healthy condition. To keep your Border Collie puppy’s coat in good condition you need good tools. Good quality grooming tools are expensive but if you look after them properly they will last for many years.

Poor quality, cheap brushes break your Border Collie’s coat and do not last very long. So, in the long run, investing in good quality brushes will cost you less than continually replacing cheap ones.

Always clean and wash your combs and brushes and put them away....


There are different types of combs for different uses, and steel combs are best and not expensive.

Use combs with wide teeth on your Border Collie’s tail and around the neck. Also use it to comb out any loose hair after brushing your Border Collie’s coat.

Comb out your Border Collie’s leg feathers with a medium-sized comb, and use it on the head and throat and any shorter areas of the coat.

Lastly, use a very fine comb to remove any dead hair around the feet and ears.


A good quality brush that has a mix of nylon and real bristles is excellent for getting dead hair out of the coat. It brushes the coat and massages the skin at the same time.

Another good brush is one with steel pins with round heads on them that gets deep into the fur to massage the skin.

Nail Clippers

There are two types of nail clippers, the guillotine and the scissor types. Always be very careful when clipping your Border Collie’s nails. If you slip you can hurt your puppy. Apart from the pain, this will make it difficult to clip your Border Collie’s nails next time.

Grooming your Border Collie Puppy

It is best to start brushing your Border Collie puppy early in its life. Get puppy used to the brushes and combs gradually. Let puppy sniff each item and use them on puppy gently one at a time. Reward your puppy with praise and an occasional treat.

Grooming your Border Collie from a young age gets them used to sitting still for their grooming rather than you having to chase it around the house with a brush in your hand.

Grooming your puppy is also a good time to check its ears, mouth, nose, eyes, between the toes, under the elbows and the tummy for any bugs or grass seeds lodged there during the day. It also helps you to find any cuts or sores quickly so you can treat them before they get any worse.

If you do not brush your Border Collie on a regular basis, you risk having a Border Collie with a dull, lifeless coat and possible skin problems. All this will cost you money to fix, not to mention the misery the Border Collie goes through. You can avoid all this by spending just 10 minutes a day grooming your Border Collie puppy.

Bathing your Border Collie Puppy