Border Collie Puppy Identification

Registration and Pedigree of your Border Collie Puppy

When buying your Border Collie puppy make sure you buy from a reputable breeder, rather than from a backyard breeder or puppy farmer...

Reputable breeders are usually members of their breed club and the national kennel club. By joining these clubs they agree to breed their Border Collies in accordance with the breed standards, and abide by their rules and regulations for breeding. In America this is the American Kennel Club (AKC), for Australia this is the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) who is the overarching organisation for breeding, registering, trialing, showing, dog obedience, and other dog sports in these countries. Other countries have their own overarching organisation pertaining to the same concept.

Remember, just with anything else; make sure you check out a potential breeder thoroughly.

Just because someone is a member of a breed club it does not automatically make them good breeders.

Buying your Border Collie from an ANKC breeder means your Border Collie puppy comes with pedigree papers....

What are Pedigree Papers?

The ANKC is the only organisation in Australia that issues internationally recognised pedigree papers.

Pedigree papers certify your Border Collie’s parentage for at least three previous generations. They give you a good place to start to research your Border Collie’s history and any problems in the line. Papers also help track results of any working Border Collies in your Border Collie puppy’s lines and how well they perform in the dog sport rings.

Pedigree papers guarantee you that the Border Collie puppy you buy is from the parents stated on the papers.

Border Collies are a popular breed for puppy mills and backyard breeders. By buying from these places we are supporting the poor conditions and lack of veterinary care these places are notorious for. Many Border Collie puppies are born with genetic and other diseases because of the conditions they are born into.

Buying a pedigreed Border Collie guarantees you are not buying from these types of breeders. It also guarantees that your Border Collie puppy’s parents had their health checks, live in good, loving environments with easy access to veterinary care.

It is easy to feel sorry for the animals living in these conditions, but buying Border Collie puppies from them perpetuates the crimes and they make money from their cruelty. Report them to the authorities and let them take care of the situation.

The breeder registers your Border Collie puppy on either the ANKC main or limited register. Pedigree papers from any other organisation other than the ANKC are not recognized.

The difference between the Main and Limited Register

The ANKC has two pedigree registers, and an associate register:

Border Collie puppies registered on the ANKC Main Register can attend conformation shows, used for breeding and participate in all ANKC dog sports.
Border Collie puppies registered on the ANKC Limited register cannot be bred from or be shown in conformation shows. Other than that, a Border Collie puppy on the limited register can participate in all dog sports such as agility, dog obedience and flyball.

A Border Collie registered on the ANKC Associate Register does not have a pedigree and must be desexed. Border Collies on the associate register are not bred from or shown in the conformation ring but can compete in all ANKC dog sport rings.

Make sure you check all the paperwork before you buy your pedigree Border Collie puppy.

Authentic Pedigree Papers

If this is your first purchase of a pedigree Border Collie be sure to look at the pedigree papers of the parents.

We were provided with pedigree papers in the past that were not authentic.

This person was registered with Dogs NSW but did not register the litter. We paid $800 for a Border Collie puppy with which they provided false pedigree papers.

If you're in doubt with the authenticity of your pedigree papers.

You can either take your pedigree papers into your states registrar and have your paperwork verified or if you know someone who is has registered Border Collies to show you an original copy of their pedigree.

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