Children and your Border Collie Puppy

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend, well; a Border Collie puppy is a child’s best friend as long as it is well socialised. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching the relationship between a child and their Border Collie.

Border Collies have a lot to teach children about responsibility as they grow up together. Things like feeding, exercising their Border Collie puppy and grooming it to take care of its coat and skin.

It is important that any new Border Collie puppy and your children are always supervised when playing together. This will protect both the children and the Border Collie puppy from any accidents. Children have to be taught respect for their Border Collie. They have to learn it is a living, breathing being that gets hurt just like they do....

Teach your child to only gently touch their Border Collie puppy with their hands and that they should never kick, tease or hit their Border Collie puppy.

Border Collie puppies we find are the cutest fluffiest puppies. Because of this they are simply irresistible when it comes to wanting to pick a Border Collie puppy up and to give it a cuddle. Children must be taught they can only pick up a Border Collie puppy only when they are seated and supervised. They are to resist the temptation to cuddle a Border Collie puppy unsupervised. For supervised Border Collie puppy cuddles all children must be firstly seated on the ground. This allows for the seated child to hold the Border Collie puppy in their lap and lowest possible height which allows for a child to easily place the Border Collie puppy back onto the ground. If a Border Collie puppy is accidentally dropped (heaven forbid) it has not too far to fall. During this time children are taught how to gently stroke a Border Collie puppy, patting and squeezing is not encouraged. Children are also taught to simply be calm with the Border Collie puppy to the point where a Border Collie puppy will fall asleep on them.

Supervision is the Key

Overall we're seeking that this is to be a positive experience for both child and Border Collie puppy.

Also teach your children to hold the lead and take Border Collie puppy for walk with you and how to play with their new friend by throwing a ball for Border Collie puppy to play with. What is most important for children to learn is that their Border Collie is not a toy to play with in any way they like.

Our children love Border Collie puppies and Border Collie puppies that are lucky enough to be born at our home get to be nursed and cuddled most days. The Border Collie puppies quickly learn to trust and enjoy our children's company. The children are not allowed to jump around the Border Collie puppies for fear that they may accidentally stand on a Border Collie puppy. They usually sit in a small circle and gently stroke the Border Collie puppies, when the Border Collie puppies are older they are allowed to pick up the Border Collie puppies and nurse them. We believe that this has a profound effect on the Border Collie puppies. We do not make allowances for the Border Collie puppies regarding everyday household noises, so they are inclined to be very relaxed in a home environment. Even the clunking of the washing machine going through its cycle nor the excited squeal of children does not bother them.

Children need to learn their Border Collie puppy has boundaries and how to recognize the warning signs when they overstep those boundaries. For example, when we do not want to do something we just say so; and so does a Border Collie. . It is a matter of understanding what those signals mean and your children respecting them. Most Border Collie bites occur when a child did not understand or ignored a Border Collie’s warning signs.

Children who learn proper respect for their Border Collie get a lot from the relationship and it helps them understand the importance of showing respect as they become adults. A child’s relationship with their Border Collie is an amazing thing, to the point where a child that is upset and cannot talk to their parents will sit and pour their hearts out to their Border Collie.

When a puppy is well handled by adults and children alike a desensitization process takes place, making for a more stable temperament in a Border Collie. Particularly when the puppy is held upright, upside down and on it back. I am just touching on this subject as there is a more detail in the overall process. So please do your research before embarking on desensitization practices.

A Border Collie puppy is a boisterous bundle of fur, with big eyes peering up at you. Make sure you socialize your Border Collie so it does not become scared and nervous around children. It's important to child break all Border Collie puppies.

Border Collie Puppy Behaviour