Common Reasons people get Border Collies?

Why buy a Border Collie?

There are a lot of reasons why people welcome Border Collie’s into their homes but the worst reason is because it is a cute puppy.

Border Collies are very cute puppies that grow into wonderful dogs.

For the inexperienced dog owner, the cute puppy quickly turns into a beautiful monster if not taught house manners.

Border Collies are working dogs and left to their devices for too long, they find themselves something to do and quickly become destructive....

Border Collies are Smart

Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are quick to learn and love to have a job to do.

Many people get a Border Collie for the dog sport ring. Because of their strong working instinct, they excel in the agility ring. Dog sports are a perfect outlet for your Border Collie as it gives them the focus they need, and the mental and physical outlet they need to keep them happy.

An agility ring is a series of obstacles arranged in a pattern by the judge the dog must clear in a certain order. The obstacles include jumps, weaving poles, tunnels, an A-frame, see-saw and a tyre jump.

The dog has to complete the course in the fastest time possible, in the correct sequence, losing as few points as possible during the run. Points are lost for completing an obstacle out of sequence, knocking down jumps and taking too long.

Agility is a fast sport with many challenges and you need to learn the signals and commands to send your dog around an agility course successfully.

Border Collies excel at most dog sports such as dog obedience, herding and anything else that requires them to use their natural instincts and intelligence.

Out On the Farm

Border Collies are still bought and bred by farmers to work their sheep and cattle. And there are many working dog trials Border Collies can show their working abilities off at.

It takes many long hours of training and patience to train a Border Collie to be a useful worker though it has the natural instinct. It comes down to training your dog how to understand what it is you want.

Border Collie Companions

Border Collies also make wonderful family pets for active families and individuals.

They like to be in the heart of your home and included in your day-to-day activities. Border Collies get lonely and bored if locked in the backyard too long on heir own.

Being high energy dogs, they need daily mental and physical exercise to tire them out and to keep their minds occupied.

Border Collies are not a breed that inexperienced dog owners should get unless they have access to good advice and help with training their Border Collie puppy. Without training from puppyhood, a cute puppy can turn into a monstrous dog that chases and rounds up everything that moves.

This is not the dog’s fault, but the handler’s fault. The dog is only doing what comes naturally and its pack leader has failed to correct the behaviour. And the behaviour can get out of hand quickly, especially when your Border Collie starts herding the children.

The competition

Sadly this is one of the worst reasons to get a working border collie. Some dogs if they do not work out are soon re-homed. Some well trained working dogs get ruined by an inexperienced handler and are soon re-homed. In some instances re-homed to a better home if they end up with an experienced handler or maybe to a pet home where they will be much loved and appreciated. A dog purchased or gained to improve ones  chances for beating the competition is a serious moral issue.

Beware of people who seem to have a high turnover of dogs, be very reluctant to provide them with a dog or get involved with them.