Exercise and Play are Crucial to your Border Collie Puppy

Your Border Collie needs at least half an hour outdoor activity a few times a day, every day. Take your Border Collie for a walk, throw a ball, practice your training, or just play a game.

Exercise and play are crucial to your Border Collie’s health and well being, and to your sanity. Always have some treats on hand so you can reward good behavior. Treats can be anything from your Border Collie’s favourite food, to toys, to a game or a cuddle with you. It does not matter what it is, as long as you both enjoy it....

If you are getting a Border Collie puppy then you need access to outdoor space several times a day, even in the coldest parts of winter. The key is to make exercise and play fun. Here are some tips to help you make exercise part of your daily life:

Tips for Exercise and Play with your Border Collie

If your Border Collie has never really exercised before do not go at it too hard or you will cause all sorts of medical problems. And Border Collie puppies need a gradual build-up and take it at Border Collie puppy’s own pace. No taking your Border Collie puppy for walks on a lead before it is at least 6 months.

Before then they are too young and tire easily. There is not much point taking your Border Collie puppy for a nice long walk when halfway through Border Collie puppy is too tired to go on and you have to carry it the rest of the way. The other thing is that they are not structurally fully developed and it can cause medical problems with development or later in life.

While playing frisbee and games of fetch with sticks and balls are great exercise for your Border Collie, they can also cause a lot of injuries and put stress on muscles and joints. Don’t let your Border Collie’s over excitement distract you from controlling the pace of the game.

If you and your Border Collie have been couch potatoes for awhile, start out slowly and before you know it you will be out and about together everywhere.

Keep your Border Collie on a lead, so it is always under control in public.

When you get home, check your Border collie over for ticks, burrs, and grass seeds, and anything else that may be stuck in its coat.

Whatever you do, do not:

The more active the life you and your Border Collie share, the longer your Border Collie will live.