Exercising your Border Collie Puppy

Your Border Collie puppy needs exercise to grow strong so they can lead long, healthy lives. Border Collie Puppies have soft bones and ligaments that can easily damage so do not put your Border Collie puppy on any sort of exercise regime.

If you over exercise your Border Collie puppy, you can cause permanent damage that may cripple your Border Collie as it grows older....

Playing with your Border Collie Puppy

You do not need to take your Border Collie puppy for daily walks until it is at least 8 months old. Spend this time of its life playing with it at home, taking Border Collie puppy out to socialise it, and off to puppy school to help you both learn how to work together.

Playing chase the ball is a basic play game enhancing their instinct to herd anything that is moving.

Once your Border Collie puppy reaches 12 months old you can start taking it for short walks around your neighborhood. Build it up until your young Border Collie reaches full adulthood. Do not over exercise a young Border Collie as it can cause all sorts of structural problems.

When your Border Collie puppy is 8 months old, you can also start training for sheep dog trialing. Why 8 months because basically they can outrun sheep by this age. This is where the path of a working border collie starts to diverge greatly from the ways of a border collie pet.

When your Border Collie puppy is 12 months old, you can also start training it in flyball and agility, which are great sports to keep your Border Collie’s mind and body fit and healthy. Spend your Border Collie puppy’s first year putting in the training you need to take it on walks and to train in any Border Collie sports.

How much Exercise is Enough?

On average, an adult Border Collie needs at least one (preferably two) 45 minute walks a day, and a part of that should be a good 15 minutes off lead playing a vigorous game like fetch in a safe, fenced area.

To exercise your Border Collie’s mind, spend at least 15 minutes a day teaching your pup Border Collie obedience or some tricks. If your Border Collie is still not tired, increase the amount of training you are doing to tire its mind. And, you will still find you Border Collie brings you its ball as you are watching television trying to relax as its mind just does not seem to stop working.

Border Collies Love to Swim

Teach your Border Collie to swim at a young age and it will absolutely love playing in the water. This is an excellent way to exercise your Border Collie in summer. It is a fantastic, low impact exercise that helps to strengthen all their muscles.

Other Activities for your Border Collie

Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to the activities you and your Border Collie can enjoy together. Anything that moves will capture your Border Collie’s interest. They love to chase the water as you are watering the garden, catch the bubbles from child’s bubble maker even chase a butterfly.

Play hide and seek with your Border Collie. Get someone to hold your Border Collie, or tell your Border Collie to stay if it understands the command, go and hide, and then release it to come find you. Give your Border Collie hints by calling it or the may get side tracked and lose interest.

Teach you Border Collie tricks like roll over, say your prayers, on your side, high five and speak. Start teaching your Border Collie at a young age and your will be surprised at just how quickly your Border Collie puppy responds.