General Care of your Border Collie Puppy

You have decided you want a puppy, a Border Collie puppy to be exact, so there are some things you need to think about before Border Collie puppy comes home. Whether your new Border Collie puppy is a pet or a working dog, the general care of your Border Collie will help with its overall psychological and physical wellbeing.....

General Border Collie puppy Health Matters

Getting Border Collie puppy is a big deal and its health is very important. There is a lot you can do to ensure your Border Collie puppy has the best start in life. Some things you should do on a regular basis include:

Living Conditions for your Border Collie

Giving your Border Collie puppy hygienic conditions to live in is simply commonsense. Make sure the kennel and living areas are always clean. Wash water bowls regularly and fill with clean, fresh water.

Wash food bowls after use and throw out rusty metal bowls or cracked ceramic bowls. Stainless steel is the best, most hardy material for your Border Collie puppy’s bowls but even they have to be replaced from time to time.

Why Vaccinate Border Collie puppy?

Make sure your Border Collie puppy has regular vaccinations to prevent it from picking up possibly fatal diseases like parvovirus, which is a highly infectious killer. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your beautiful Border Collie puppy suffering from a debilitating disease such as this so get your vet’s advice and keep Border Collie puppy’s vaccinations current. Refer to your puppies vaccination certificate for more details. Your puppies vaccination certificate would have been given to you picked up your Border Collie puppy.

Prevent Parasitic Invasions

Your Border Collie puppy needs regular worming to prevent parasites accumulating within its system. If your Border Collie puppy is infested with worms that go untreated, it can cause problems throughout the dog’s life.

We use an all in one spot treatment called Advocate for Dogs which eliminates hookworms, roundworms, fleas, ear mites, skin mites, sarcoptic mange mites and heartworm. For other worms we use Drontal for Dogs - Chewables, which saves having to wrestle with our dogs to get them to digest the worming tablet.

Grooming your Border Collie

Grooming your Border Collie on a regular basis is an important part of its general care.

Too many people neglect to groom their dogs, but regular brushing eliminates tangles in the coat and keeps the coat free of parasites such as fleas.

Regular grooming is good for the skin as it stimulates the natural oil production and keeps the skin and coat healthy and free of hot spots.

Wash your Border Collie puppy in an anti-parasitic shampoo if your pup shows signs of infestation and make sure you also wash Border Collie puppy’s bedding to eliminate any parasites in the area.

Handle your Border Collie Puppy

Handle your new Border Collie puppy from the day it comes home. Be gentle and handle it frequently. Get Border Collie puppy used to you handling all parts of its body and check for any signs of parasites, check between the toes for foreign objects, and check the ears, nose, eyes and body for anything that is not normal.

Check for lumps on Border Collie puppy’s stomach throat and chest, and get Border Collie puppy to the vet if you notice anything that worries you.

Teach your Border Collie Puppy to trust in the world. Have all sorts of people handle it and take your Border Collie puppy out in the world so it can learn there is nothing to fear. If you teach your Border Collie puppy about the world it lives in right from the start you can avoid a lot of problems as your Border Collie puppy becomes an adult.