How to Manage your Border Collie Herding Children

Be aware, Border Collie’s have a tendency to herd you and your children if you do not teach it to stop right from the start.

If you do not intend guiding those inbuilt instincts and associating those movements to commands to will have to prevent your Border Collie from herding children.

You do not want your Border Collie getting into the habit of herding children.

Supervise children when playing with your Border Collie puppy so you can catch it ‘eyeing’ things that move.

This eyeing is what turns into herding if you do not stop it when it starts.

Some people think a Border Collie puppy herding their children is cute.

It might be cute when they are puppies, but you will not think it is so cute when an adult Border Collie persists in herding children.

Do not let your Border Collie puppy do things as a Border Collie puppy you do not want it to do as an adult.

It is much easier to stop a bad habit before it becomes one than to break it when it becomes a nuisance or dangerous.

Managing the Working Dog Instinct

The best way to stop a Border Collie from herding your children is to catch them thinking about it. Yes, you can see them thinking. As soon as a young pup’s eyes lock onto something with complete focus and the head drops distract them with a toy or a loud noise, like clapping your hands, to divert the pup’s attention to you.

For an older pup, tell them ‘no’ in a growly voice and redirect their focus on to a game or a chew toy. Do this every single time you catch your pup focusing on a moving object like the kids. The key is consistency and if you do not do it every time Border Collie puppy will learn how to get away with it.

The most important thing is to catch your Border Puppy as it starts to herd the cat, the children or anything else.

Having a switch "off work" word is best in this situation like "That'll do", then get your Border Collie to relax. One of the best things you can ever teach your Border Collie is to learn when to switch off from work mode be it just retrieving the ball, sporting or herding activity. Practice this and you will have a well balanced friend and companion.

Border Collie Puppy Training