How to Pick a Pet Border Collie Puppy from a Litter

There is nothing like a Border Collie puppy. They are very cute as a puppy.
Border Collies are a medium dog breed originally from Scotland, they are an active breed of dog and make loyal pets.

What should you be looking for when selecting your puppy from the litter?
What needs to be considered?
What color were you looking for?

The following information is to help you avoid a disaster and pick the perfect puppy as you want to make sure that the puppy is healthy and that its personality suits your lifestyle.

Step 1. Take an online survey designed to help you determine the type of dog that best fits your lifestyle. Ask yourself - What is the purpose of owning a Border Collie? Family pet, work, sport or confirmation. Know the reason why you want a Border Collie. Do you care if the dog is registered? Do you want a large dog or a small dog? How much are you willing to pay? Do you want a male or female?

Step 2. Choose a reputable breeder with good references and is knowledgable about Border Collies. One who genetically tests for inheriant diseases and hip scores their dogs. Be sure to view those records.

Step 3. Research the breed, look at the Border Collie standards so you know how a well conformed dog should look like. Be aware of Border Collie diseases.

Step 4. Have a look at a few litters, this allows you to compare sizes and help you tell how old they are by size and the conditions they are living in.

Step 5. Avoid the mistake of walking into the puppies' home, pointing at the cutest one, and taking it home with you. Check out their surroundings, is it clean, are their any bad smells, its it unkempt, dirty environment. Are the puppies in the home? What is the condition of the mother?

Step 6. The Seven week old visit, do wear comfortable old clothes when visiting the puppies home. Sit down and observe the puppies, before you pick any of them up. Let them come to you. Avoid the shyest and the most aggressive puppies as you may have issues with them later. Avoid any sick puppies. If you are picking from a litter, remember the markings of which one comes running at your first or pays more attention to you than the others do. Sometimes a puppy will choose you. Look for a playful, outgoing puppy. Get to know them before making up your mind. A puppy should not whine, whimper or growl when they are picked up or handled. Be sure to look at their vaccination records, their first round of vaccinations is at 6 weeks old, if there are no records then go somewhere else.

Step 7. The eight week old visit. Puppies must be eight weeks old before they can be separated from their mother. This is the best time to pick up your puppy.

Step 8. Upon receiving your puppy a responsible breeder will give you a puppy pack, there will be information about Border Collies, some basic information about their care, vaccination record, current diet, feeding program as they mature and information about inherent diseases that Border Collies suffer from. Photocopies of the parents pedigree certificates, genetic test results. Plus a receipt.

Tips for Picking a Border Collie Puppy

Visit several breeders to pick out the best Border Collie puppy for you
Don't be swayed by the sales talk
Avoid breeders who put other people or breeders down
Don't pick a puppy because they are cute
Take your puppy to the vet for a check up within the first week of being home - the sooner is better