How to Teach Your Border Collie how to Fetch

Because your Border Collie is so intelligent, it is fun to teach it lots of things as part of playing together. Once you your Border Collie has mastered the basics of sit, drop, stay, and come, you can teach it more advanced and fun things such as how to fetch a ball. This is fun, and you can advance it over the years to where your Border Collie will fetch your slippers for you....

The first thing you need to do is show your Border Collie what you want it to do. If you show your Border Collie in the right way, your Border Collie will learn to fetch a ball quickly.

Teaching your Border Collie to Fetch

You will need a friend to help you, some treats and a ball.

Step 1. Ask your Border Collie to sit and you may need to hold your Border Collie by its collar to stop it naturally chasing the ball and your friend.

Step 2. Throw the ball and tell your friend to ‘fetch’. Use your friend’s name as you tell them to fetch the ball. For example, say “Johnny, fetch”.

Step 3. Your friend will chase the ball and hold it up in triumph when they get it to show your Border Collie they have the ball. You will probably find your Border Collie naturally wants to chase the ball, and is completely excited and unable to sit still. Do not let your Border Collie go and do not make your Border Collie sit still or reprimand it. You want your Border Collie to get excited about chasing the ball.

Step 4. Tell your friend ‘bring the ball’.

Step 5. Once your friend comes back with the ball let your Border Collie go. Take the ball from your friend and excitedly carry on yelling ‘yes, yes, Johnny got the ball’. Give your friend a pat and give him lavish praise.

Step 6. Repeat these five steps several times until you think your Border Collie has the right idea.

Step 7. Repeat the steps again, but now tell your Border Collie to fetch the ball using the same procedure you did with your friend. If you change any of the methods you used with your friend, you will confuse your Border Collie.

Tips to help Training Your Border Collie to Fetch

Here are a couple of tips that can help you train your Border Collie to fetch its ball: