How to Train Your Border Collie to Walk on a lead

There is nothing better than a Border Collie that walks nicely on a lead. There is nothing worse than a Border Collie that pulls, jumps around, lurches barking at everything in sight, and tries to drag you down the street.

Is your Border Collie like that? Do you know anyone who battles with a Border Collie like that? It just makes going out with your Border Collie a nightmare.

Here are some techniques to help you train your Border Collie to walk nicely down the street....

Tips for Leash Training

Always have treats with you but they are not necessarily of much use when you go for a walk as the reward for your Border Collie is to continue walking. Something to think about is that your Border Collie naturally moves more quickly than you do.

Step 1. Your walk starts as soon as you pick up the lead. Remember to only reward your Border Collie for behavior you want it to repeat. Therefore, if your Border Collie is jumping around in ecstatic excitement stand still until your Border Collie sits or stands nicely. Then continue. When your Border Collie pulls on the lead, bring it back to your side and loosen the lead. Every time your Border Collie does this repeat.

Step 2. With your Border Collie sitting nicely by your side, on a loose lead, reward it with a step forward. If your Border Collie pulls, go back to step 1 and start again. Yes, it does take time and a lot of patience, but the reward is 15 years of having your Border Collie walk nicely on its lead.

Step 3. Practise walking your Border Collie on the lead around your yard, so by the time you are ready to go for walks outside your home your Border Collie has an understanding of what you want from it.

Leash Training Hints

A Border Collie that pulls you out of the door is a Border Collie that will pull you down the street. When your Border Collie starts pulling you around, stop and bring your Border Collie back beside you, loosen the lead, and try one of the following techniques:

By using these techniques as tools you teach your Border Collie the only way to move forward is on a loose lead. You are teaching it that as soon as the lead tightens you slow down or stop.

With patience and consistency your Border Collie will soon be walking by your side nicely. Never punish your Border Collie as it will just make training even harder and it will not understand your anger. A Border Collie understands reward and praise, and by using these as training methods you build a strong bond of unconditional love and trust with your Border Collie.