Preparing for your Border Collie Puppy

It is almost time for you to pick up your new Border Collie puppy and you are excited. You have spent months, maybe even longer, planning the arrival of your new Border Collie puppy.
There are a few things you need to do before your Border Collie puppy comes home. Your Border Collie puppy will live with you for up to 15 years so you must do everything you can to make coming to live with you go as smoothly as possible.

Things you need include a collar and lead, water bowls, a bed and a kennel.

It also means sitting down with any other members of your household and discussing how you will work together to give your Border Collie puppy a consistent and calm environment for your Border Collie puppy to come home to.

Essential Border Collie Puppy Shopping

Shopping for your new Border Collie puppy is fun, but there is no need to spend a fortune.
You need two bowls, one for water and one for food. Stainless steel is the best as they are hardy, difficult to knock over and impossible for Border Collie puppy to chew.

Now for Border Collie puppy’s bed. There are so many different types of beds on the market from cheap to extremely expensive. Before you spend a fortune on a bed, think about this. Your Border Collie puppy is not housebroken yet and is likely to take great pleasure from chewing it to pieces while it is still young. It may be worthwhile just buying a cheap bed or finding some old blankets and putting them into a basket while Border Collie puppy is growing up. Once your Border Collie is an adult, and has grown out of the chewing phase and is housebroken, buy the most luxurious bed you can find.

Now it is time to buy some toys. Do not go overboard. Just buy a couple of toys such as a squeaky toy, a ball and a soft toy. They do not need many and you want them to learn to play with you and your family.

Stock up on bones and treats for rewards and for training. Raw chicken wings are excellent for a young Border Collie puppy and so are natural treats like dried liver and beef chews.
Finally, you need to buy a collar and lead. Ask a shop assistant if you need help with getting the right size collar to fit your Border Collie puppy. Also get an identification tag you can put on the collar in case Border Collie puppy strays.

Border Collie Puppy Proofing the House

It is a good idea to Border Collie puppy proof your home to ensure your Border Collie does not get hurt or destroy any treasured possessions.

Make sure there are no electrical cords dangling where Border Collie puppy will find them, and make sure there is nothing left on the floor your Border Collie puppy can pick up and hurt itself.
Block off access to areas of your house that are difficult to supervise Border Collie puppy in when you are busy.

Get a playpen to use inside and outside that you can pop your Border collie puppy into to keep it safe.

Once you have everything ready, it is time to bring your Border Collie puppy home and enjoy years of unconditional love.