Spaying and Neutering your Border Collie Puppy

You have your Border Collie puppy home and it is growing fast. What are you going to do about desexing it?

This is a really important question that you need to consider long and hard before getting your puppy. The earlier your Border Collie is desexed the better, and the less it costs you. The big question is whether you are going to breed your purebred Border Collie or not....

Reasons to Neuter your Male Border Collie

Yes, males will cock their leg on anything and everything but they will not do it in their home. This is usually a sign of dominance and females are just as likely to do it too. If you neuter your male Border Collie when he is still young, you can avoid a lot of this behavior.

Here are some more reasons to help you decide whether or not to neuter your male:

Reasons to Spay your Female Border Collie

Why is it so many people want to keep their female Border Collie entire because they want a puppy one day? It is highly unlikely that you will ever breed a purebred Border Collie and, if your puppy is a purebred, it is likely your breeder will not allow it if the puppy is sold as a pet. An entire female in your home is really hard to live with.

Here are some reasons to help you decide whether or not to spay your female:

Risks with Spaying or Neutering Your Border Collie

There are risks with all medical procedures and you have to outweigh the risks against the long-term benefits. The risks with spaying or neutering include:

It really is your choice whether you keep your Border Collie entire or not, but unless you are contributing to the breed there is not much point breeding.