Vaccinating your Border Collie Puppy

There is a lot of debate over whether to vaccinate your Border Collie puppy or not. I am not going to get into that here except to say there are good arguments for and against both sides.

The big move to all things natural, alternative medicines and organic or raw foods are behind those against vaccinating their Border Collies. Most of us recognize the problems with the overuse of drugs in farmed animals and livestock, and consciously lead healthier lives and want the same for our Border Collies.

It is important to acknowledge the natural ways but it is just as important to recognize the effectiveness of the old ways.

There are many reading this who will disagree, especially those that have never vaccinated their Border Collies and never had any problems.

Vaccinations prevent your Border Collie from contracting infectious, deadly diseases.

Most good breeders would not let a Border Collie puppy go to a home where it will not be vaccinated.

Your Border Collie puppy will have had its first vaccinations when it arrives at 8 weeks old.

Why you should Vaccinate

It is your choice or not whether you vaccinate your Border Collie puppy or not.

Here are some reasons why you should:

to protect your Border Collie puppy from deadly diseases like parvo virus and distemper
so you can board your Border Collie puppy in a boarding kennel
so you can take your Border Collie puppy to puppy school
so you can take your Border Collie puppy to dog obedience or any other types of fun activity

These days all clubs and organisations that have groups of Border Collies together require you to show them proof of your Border Collie puppy’s vaccinations before you can participate in their activities.

It is just not worth taking the risk and leaving your Border Collie puppy unvaccinated.

A few years ago a lot of Scandinavian dog owners changed to using homeopathic medicines or nothing at all. They did this because they believed it was much better for a Border Collie’s health to be without the chemicals they were having injected annually to protect them.

Unfortunately it did not work and there was a massive outbreak of distemper and parvo virus with dire consequences.

When debating the question of whether to vaccinate or not, consider whether you would replace your children’s vaccinations with homeopathic remedies.

Would you put your child at risk like this?

Many homeopathic remedies are untried and tested, so why put your Border Collie’s health at risk?

Making the Decision to Vaccinate

Your Border Collie puppy is part of your family so you want to do everything possible to look after its health and well being, and not put it at unnecessary risk.

Take a look at what some of the leading organisations do, like the Guide Dog Association or the Australian National Kennel Council.

The Guide Dog Association and all other service organisations vaccinate their dogs.

If you want to be in dog sports or show your Border Collie puppy then it has to be vaccinated as it will not be allowed on Australian National Kennel Council show or training grounds unless it is and you have to prove it.

Going the natural route with your family and Border Collie puppy is great, but be careful of taking it too far in that it prevents commonsense from prevailing in matters like vaccinations.