A Border Collie Named Keily

working border collie keily and dave Our Border Collie Keily was the son of Molly.

One day I noticed that David was missing, he was only about 19 months old at the time. 

I just noticed that David was missing and that Kiely was not around either.

I looked down the shed, the vegie garden, everywhere I could think of and then

I thought of the dam, just down the hill, my fears started to arise.

I headed down there calling out “David!, Keily!”

When I got to the edge of the bush, I noticed Keily, he was moving in and out of the bush.

But he would not come to me, he looked at me then headed back into the bush.

So I followed him into the bush and found David.

Keily was always with the kids and looked out for them.

Such a gentle faithful dog.

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