The one thing i will not profess to is that I am NOT a veterinarian! I will not try to diagnose your dog over the Internet or by phone.

When it comes to your dogs health please ALWAYS consult your own personal vet first.

Best Practice is to see your Vet first, then go online to find out further information. Being a business a vet will seek to make the most of your visit. If in doubt about your Vets diagnosis Second Best Practice is to always get a second opinion from a reputable Vet or a specialist. From observation have found this has saved thousands of dollars, personal worry and heartache regarding ones Border Collie.

To enable you understand what your vet has told you about what your dog may or may not have.

Any information I present on this site is what I do, or would do, with MY dogs. Its offered only as educational information based on my own experiences with dogs.

I do not accept responsibility for your use of this information in lieu of the services of any sort of veterinarian.

Most of what I have placed on this site about Border Collies is a generalization based on my own life experiences with my Border Collies.
But just as with people, the individual dogs within a breed can vary widely and that includes the health of each dog.

What I present are the more common problems with Border Collies, the problems that people seem to worry or hear about the most, and the general health aspects that a caring owner should know about.

For those who want to be breed or care about their Border Collies well being.
Please seek out your veterinarian.

It is recommended you seek advice of your veterinarian in regard to any health issues and before making changes to diet and or exercise.

The links in the index of this page will take you through a wide variety of problems and issues about the health of a Border Collies. Some are very minor while others are life-threatening.


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PLEASE go through the entire site, read the articles and links before you email me.


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From the date and time of taking ownership the owner assumes all responsibilities for the dog. It is up to the owner as the responsible dog owner to raise, train, maintain the ongoing health and well being of the dog. Each owner need to up skill themselves in all areas regarding owning a Border Collie.


The Buyer is solely responsible for all costs and expenses of and related to the ownership of the Puppy/dog including but not limited to feeding, veterinary care and training.

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