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Intellectual Property Rights in the Content on the Website

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Restrictions of Use of Material

The contents, source code and layout of the Elkana website are copyright © of the Elkana Trust of Queensland. Except when noted on the Elkana website, you may download material for your own personal and non-commercial use but you must:

Using any of our materials for a commercial purpose - without our express written consent or as expressly permitted under the Copyright Act - violates our copyright and other proprietary rights.

Image Use

By downloading the above described image from the Elkana website, both the Elkana;s Terms of Use and the legal requirements stated in the Copyright & Credits guidelines have been accepted by website visitor.

Permission to download an image has been given on the condition that the image shall only be used once - and only for the specific purpose stated above!
Any subsequent use, which has not been explicitly authorized by Elkana website owner and the photographer concerned, is forbidden! (This includes the storage of the image on any media for any purpose other than the above stated use and beyond the necessary production period. So no building of 'offline archives' with downloaded images or storing the image - or copies of it - on CD-ROM, DVD, Bluray, USB or digital storage device or material for later re-use!
Any subsequent use of the image will require a fresh download from the Elkana website with a freshly completed download request form!

The images are on loan to you, and are accepted by you under the following terms and conditions:

It is also understood that the image - or any copy of it - may not be given to any third party beyond the need for the above stated use. In particular the image may not, under any circumstances, be used for any commercial use outside a clearly defined and previously authorized Elkana context.

Any breach of these conditions will be considered a severe violation of the Terms of Use and of copyright law, for which the above user will bear full legal responsibility. In case of doubt please contact the Elkana website team!

Photo-credits are mandatory! Every published image must be accompanied by a properly formatted individual photo-credit - exactly as indicated above. (Caption and credit information is also available from the IPTC file info embedded in the downloaded image.)


Elkana Trust owns Elkana™ Border Collie™ Border Collies ™ Elkana Border Collies ™ trademarks, service marks, tradenames and logos appearing on this website. Using these trademarks in any way or on any other content, except as stated in these Terms of Use, is strictly prohibited.


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The Trust does not accept any liability for loss or damages (including for any indirect, special, economic or consequential loss or damage) incurred by any person as a result of reliance on the Content or any other information incorporated into the Website by reference.
This limitation of liability applies regardless of whether the loss or damage was caused by negligence or otherwise and whether or not the trust was aware or should have been aware of the possibility of such damage.
The Content is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the Website undertake the responsibility for assessing the accuracy of its Content and that they rely on it entirely at their own risk.
To the extent permitted by law, all other representations, conditions or warranties, whether based in statute, common law or otherwise, are excluded.
Liability of Elkana Trust for any breach of a term or condition implied by law is limited, the Trust’ and its affiliates option, to the supply of any service again or the payment for the cost of having any service supplied again.

Account Security

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Changes to Site Terms

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